For numerous people, Reiki is a start, to another way of life and how we see the world. For me Reiki was like a homecoming. Reiki is always guided by angels and that is what I enjoy the most. Reiki helped me in my communication with the angels. You can feel the energy through your body and you feel that it is something bigger at work. Working with Reiki means working with energy that comes from a higher source. You open up to be a channel for this energy. You do not use your own enery, That is the beauty of it, you open up and energy flows through you. You do not get tired from giving Reiki.

My treatments are based on the traditional way of Reiki but as the years have gone by it has taken on a form of its own. I am still very grateful for this wonderful collaboration between humans and the Divine energy. Would you like a Reiki initiation? That is possible. I have been a Reiki Master since 2002. You will find more information under the rubric reiki initiation.