Every person has 2 or more guardian angels.

Yes, even you!
Your guardian angels can do a whole lot, but they may only come to help when you ask them to.

There is however, one exception to this rule. They may act if you are in a life threatening situation and your time of death hasn’t come yet. You probably have heard about accidents were people escaped death in a miraculous way. That is the task of your guardian angels. They can do so much more. You can compare them to the ‘yellow pages’ or even ‘google’. You ask them for help and they will do that in the best possible way.

How to ask for help?

You need to know that an angel does not possess an emotional body. This means that he or she can understand emotions but they don’t feel them. Angels are in that way a lot like men. The more precise the question, the clearer the answer will be.

I talk to my angels like I talk to my best friend. I explain my situation and ask for help for that part of my situation that I can not deal with by myself, or I need insights and understanding.

An angel does not react to anger, an angel responds to all desires or requests that come straight from the heart.

The easiest way to connect with your angels is as follows:

Basic principles:

1. Breath (3x deep in and out!) Relax.
2. Open your HEART CHAKRA (think about a very happy moment)
3. ask a very specific question
4. Let go
5. pay attention to the signs and answers

I explain the steps:

1. Breathing deeply means to me connecting with myself. I read a lot of books about angels and most of them state that you need to make some sacred place, an altar where you can go to to connect with your angels. For me, the best place is the toilet. It is the only place where my family will give me a couple of minutes.
2. Open your heart chakra, it sounds wonderful but no one seems to know how to do this. Thinking about a very happy moment in your life is the quickest and easiest way to do this. Yes you may use that same moment over and over again.
3. Be specific. This is very important. What it is that you want and do you really want it?
4. Letting go. Well the toilet seems to me the ideal place to do so, isn’t it? It really does not help to wonder every 10 minutes if they heard your question. Learn to trust that they did.
5. Sometimes you will get confirmation that they did hear you. You may see a white feather, notice a remarkable smell or receive a flower out of the blue. The help you are expecting may not come in the way you want it to come but it will come and that is the most important fact. It is important that you can accept that the way help will find you may differ from the way you want it to be.


I read and hear often that you need to make an altar or some kind of wish box. Or that you need to light special candles, or do a greeting east, west, north and south. Please know that for an angel this is not need whatsoever. If you however need these rituals to find inner peace then please do so.

I have never encountered an angel who requested that I first dust the altar before connecting with me!

Talking to angels is a lot like exploring different cultures.
During my stay in Africa I was confronted with cultural differences. It is only after someone explains the reason behind different habits that you can relate to them. I give you an example: As I was waiting for the elevator a tall African man pushed me aside once the doors opened. He insisted on being the first in. I thought this was rude until it was explained to me that this happens in that particular part of Africa. Men enter first to make sure there is no dangerous animal waiting for you. It was a simple act of protection, an act of kindness that was misunderstood by me.

Angels do not know the following words: not, never, nowhere or non, basically they do not hear anything that is negative. So if you decide to ask, do it positively.

This drawing is the result of our christian education. An angel and the devil. The devil is also in fact an angel who's asking you 'wat is your desire?'