healing with angels

You can get an angelic healing, and you can learn to heal with angels.

• What happens when you get an angelic healing? First of all, angels are very happy to help you. You will feel their joyful energy and unconditional love. They see you, body, soul and spirit, as one and in unity. It is from that point of view that they can offer advice and energy - allowing you to gain insight into your own life and the strength you have to live it to the fullest and they encourage you to let go or change your point of view regarding the difficulties, or learning experiences in your life.

• Learn to get in touch with angels and help others. This is a course that I'm working on. This new course will be open to anyone who has already received a second reiki initiation. You need to have the basics about energy work, attainment and some experience in healing, because it is necessary to focus and concentrate.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in this.