Let's get acquainted

Welcome, my name is Annelies. I am a mother of 3 children and I am passionate about life in every way.

In the year 2000 I was in a coma and after this experience I noticed that the thin line between our physical world and the more invisible one was faint, even more. The experience was at first confusing and incomprehensive, but this grew into intense contact and a beautiful collaboration with the angels world.

I do personal consultations and I deliver workshops and lectures.

A personal meeting takes about 1 hour. You get to work with angelcards and they provide me with some background information, or you can share information. Next you lay down on my treatment table and I make contact with your personal guardian angels and spiritual guides. I ask them what is important for you to know at this particular moment and pass on that message as clear as possible. At the same time I look for (energy) blockades and see if they can be and may be healed. I can work from a distance as well.We connect on skype,we exchange information and the I will doe the healing while you are comfortable in your own home. Afterwards we reconnect to evaluate and pass on the information that I gathered during the healing.

Workshops and lectures:

I try to communicate as openly as possible what messages the angels want us to know. I do this with a powerpoint presentation combined with meditation, personal stories and by answering any questions.